Bankruptcy Appraisal for Federal and Local Bankruptcy Proceedings

bankruptcy by poiner appraisal

An appraisal and report prepared for Bankruptcy use consists of many of the same elements which an appraisal utilized for other important decisions requires. Pointer Appraisal provides these services to the Akron and Cleveland areas.


Generally we find that the eventual users may include:

  •    The client and their attorney(s)

  •    Bankruptcy Court

  •    Internal Revenue Service (IRS, Taxes)

Typical assignments are reported in a narrative format in a summary appraisal report form and include photos, maps, graphs, and G.I.S. images of sufficient quantity to allow the readers to understand the subject property and its relationship to comparables, market area, and market conditions.

Many times it is possible to provide a detailed and thought analysis and understandable and concise reporting satisfying the requirements of all the intended users. Providing a report with is understandable and convincing thereby avoids misunderstanding and delays and additional costs in settlement of the bankruptcy.

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Engaging for an Assignment is simple: