Eminent Domain & Public and Private Easement Appraisal

Condemnation, Right of Way Acquisition, and Eminent Domain Appraisal

Eminent-Domain-Appraisal-OhioAccording to the Ohio Constitution, the acquisition of real property for public roadways requires the condemning agency pay the property owner compensation.  Typically projects may utilize a combination of local, state, and federal funding.  We employ staff who are prequalified with the Ohio Department of Transportation, the main certifying authority, to perform right of way appraisal and value analysis.  We also perform private easement valuations and appraisal.

Russell Kitzberger, GAA, RAA, Certified General Appraiser is ODOT Prequalified in Appraisal and Value Analysis, Yellow Book, EPA, and ODNR pre-qualified.

We can provide compliant appraisal services, for a variety of property types, under section 163 of the Ohio Revised code (ORC), Section 5501 of the Ohio Administrative code (OAC), and the Federal Uniform Act and CFR Part 24, and the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, as applicable to establish Just Compensation.

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