A property appraisal is necessary with an unbiased determination of value is necessary to make important decisions regarding the value of property, including commercial, industrial, and residential real estate. Those seeking an accurate value of their property need the services of certified real estate appraisers who provide certified appraisals. Basing their work on several factors, certified real estate appraisers are able to provide an opinion on the value of your home, commercial, industrial, or other real estate property.

In many instances, it is paramount to have a third party opinion as to the value of your property. An independent and unbiased property appraiser can provide an opinion of value as well as the supporting information necessary to make decisions regarding property.

Some instances require the use of certified appraisal reports by certified appraisers. Some examples where law or regulation may require the opinion of a certified appraiser include: loans and mortgages, taxes, trust and estate, domestic relations and litigation matters, an opinion of value by an expert appraiser may be necessary evidence in the case.

At Pointer Appraisal Services, our Certified Appraisers have experience in a variety of projects including commercial, industrial, residential property.

You can learn more about our company’s Certified Appraisers and projects for which we have completed Certified appraisal reports here on our website. You can order an appraisal quotation online or via telephone. Our Certified Appraisers are here to effectively solve your real estate appraisal problem.


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