Surface, Subsurface, & Aerial Rights Appraisal

The fee simple bundle of rights includes a variety of interests which can be sold or leased separately.  Our experience in Surface, Subsurface, & Aerial Rights has included oil and gas well production, aerial easement, and surface rights. We have the ability to separately value pieces of the bundle of rights and provide credible opinions to the value of those parts.

We utilized a cross functional approach and review the reports of other experts in the case for use in our findings. Staff experience working with experts in real estate marketing and sales, law, engineering, construction, sciences, and environmental gives our experts experience in the cross functional approaches necessary to effectively solve the complex problems that are involved in valuing parts of the fee simple interest separately.

For projects that require public funding, our staff’s advanced credentials and approvals for appraisal for ODOT, EPA, ODNR, Federal (Yellow Book) allow us to provide reports that meet a variety of uses.

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